France MacDonald, President and CEO of France MacDonald Group, Inc.

France MacDonald, President and CEO of France MacDonald Group, Inc., is a recognized coach, mentor and sought after speaker. She specializes in transforming individual and team contributors into synchronized, results-oriented delivery units with proven methodologies designed to increase trust, enhance communications, establish accountabilities and create operational efficiencies.

France MacDonald is an award-winning professional. With over 24 years of diversified software development, information management and IT experience, she has successfully managed a variety of cross-functional teams, multiple departments and third party resources. Her efforts have resulted in annual operational savings exceeding $7 million. She has driven a variety of first-time endeavors and comprehensive high-profile projects for non-profit, as well as Fortune 500 companies, including international launches, process improvements and development initiatives.

France MacDonald maximizes team structure and performance by focusing on customer service, calculated risk analysis, resource allocations, budget availability, performance and quality. She strives to provide translation, interpretation and clarity across all business teams – technical, operational, managerial and executive.

As an immigrant at the age of 2½, educated and working in a male dominant industry, France MacDonald has dealt with many different experiences and forms of prejudice throughout her life and early career/ This has inspired her to teach others to accept and understand each of our differences and their necessity in successfully accomplishing any task at hand. As a professional coach and mentor, she has worked with product/project managers, scientists, and executives. As a past Girl Scout Leader and Cub Scout & Boy Scout Assistant Leader, she has guided young women and men in her community, while also serving in the Coaching and Leadership Program at the Saunders College of Business at RIT.

France MacDonald holds a MS degree in Software Development and Management at RIT, BS in Computer Science and Information Management at St. John Fisher College, along with certifications in PMP (Project Management Professional), Lean Six Sigma, DISC™ Human Behavior & Communication, and PIAV™(Personal Interest, Attitudes & Values). She also holds a U.S. Patent for METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING PRINT QUALITY.

France MacDonald – an effective mentor, coach, trainer and professional speaker who combines the necessary knowledge and experience to manage businesses, projects and teams…for improved results.

France MacDonald Group, Inc. Transforming Individuals into Synchronized Teams™