Award Winning Sought-After Speaker and Trainer

France MacDonald has spoken in front of and personally trained well over a 1,000 people at live business trainings, webinars and seminars. Her dynamic style of teaching specializes in transforming individual and team contributors into synchronized, results-oriented delivery units with proven methodologies designed to increase trust, enhance communications, establish accountabilities and create operational efficiencies.

France has taught people all over the world, by maximizing team structure and performance by focusing on customer service, calculated risk analysis, resource allocations, budget availability, performance and quality. She strives to provide translation, interpretation and clarity across all business teams – technical, operational, managerial and executive.

If you want the best in the business and someone who only teaches techniques and strategies that are proven to be effective, then you must bring France MacDonald in to speak at your event. France will not only bring the latest and greatest team building, sales and hiring but will also bring over 30 years of credibility, a proven track record and a level of excitement that your audience will love.

Some of France’s Speaking Topics:

  • Your Secret Decoder Key When Communicating with Introvert and Extrovert Clients
  • When Hiring, Remember the number 3: How a Person Works, Why They Do What They Do, What They Know
  • DISC Communication and Behavioral Styles
  • DISC, PIAV, Accepting Change
  • Team building using Formula System created by France MacDonald Group Inc
  • Personal DISC/PIAV assessments and coaching
  • Sales Workshops

France’s Expertise Include:

  • Behavioral communication styles
  • Team building
  • Motivators
  • Sales teams-understanding client behavior
  • DISC assessments
  • DISC communications
  • Team structure
  • Maximizing individual strengths

What Are People Saying About France:

Working with France was a huge asset to my company. I used to hate to come to work, there was so much tension amongst all the employees. France helped us with a DISC assessment and reviewed each person’s strengths, weaknesses, communication styles and motivators. She showed us how to communicate with each other in the style we needed. I am happy to say the office is stress free now. We have set up new guidelines that everyone is happy working with. When we hire a new team member on, we bring France in to do a DISC assessment on them to ensure we are communicating with them in the way that will maximize their performance and cut down on drama and lost work time.

Angella Luyk

CEO Midnight Janitorial Inc.